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Be part of a sector wide initiative to improve safety on farms everywhere:

If you want something to change, you need to invest in that change. 

Our membership structure  sees the larger players in the sector invest the most in the growth of this organisation. This allows everyone in the industry to be involved, no matter how small their operation.

Join the advisory group and support safer farms.




Our focus

The real focus of the Action Group is on the delivery of its projects and services regionally, building on and supporting the strong regional networks already in place in the sector.

Beef+Lamb NZ, DairyNZ, DeerNZ and Federated Farmers are crucial partners in reaching across the sector to the local level.

These projects and services will be designed to complement and link, not duplicate, existing work.


Our principles

The Action Group has also agreed some principles for the way its members work:

  • Communicate clearly – inside and outside the Action Group

  • Be committed to better health and safety outcomes in the sector

  • Work ‘hands-on’ towards solutions

  • Positively challenge one another

  • Focus on what makes a difference

  • Keep it simple

  • Seek to grow membership to extend its reach and support for the sector

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"As a member of the Agricultural Leaders’ Health and Safety Action Group, I believe the health and safety of New Zealand's farming sector must improve."


To create change

My business believes it must steadily improve its health and safety performance and is committed to doing that.

My business believes that health and safety is a natural and important part of our discussions, with our owners, families and customers, and with others in the sector.

My business believes that by sharing our own experiences about health and safety, and listening to and learning from the experiences of others, we will improve health and safety outcomes.

My business commits funding and time to assist the Agricultural Leaders’ Health and safety Action Group accomplish its plan for creating better health and safety outcomes in the agricultural sector.

My business is committed to assisting all members of New Zealand’s farming sector become healthier and safer at work.

Membership fees

Membership fees are based on the size of your business and are designed to encourage farmers to get involved and become part of the ‘movement’.


Business Turnover

Annual subscription

$0 - 5 Million


$5 - 10 Million


$10 - 50 Million


Over $50 Million